#1 Leadership Trait

Do You Have the #1 Leadership Trait for Tough Times? asks an article at HispanicAd.com.

If you’re like me, your response was: depends… what is the #1 Leadership Trait for Tough Times?

Their answer: Courage

Courage is not a quality that you’re born with or without. It can be developed and nurtured. And if you commit to leading with courage, and consciously work toward that goal every day in every decision you make and every action you take, acting courageously will soon become an automatic response.

In Leadership Isn’t for Cowards, Staver explores what courage really is, why it matters so much, and what you can do to bring it out in yourself and the others in your company. He says the path to courageous leadership has six components–and they can be summed up using the acronym “ATTACK”:

What does “ATTACK” mean?

  • A: Accept Your Current Circumstances.
  • T: Take Responsibility.
  • T: Take Action.
  • A: Acknowledge Progress.
  • C: Commit to Lifelong Learning.
  • K: Kindle Relationships.

Hmmm…. I don’t know if I would consider myself a coward, but wearing the label of courageous seems like a challenge of some sort.

I like the components of courage. I think I might be able to master that.

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