PROCRASTINATION . . . is a ten-dollar word that means laziness. Maybe I should change the name of this site to procrastination. That would at least reflect the way my work has been progressing. I do have some new material this week. I actually broke down and wrote a piece of fiction — the first in a very long time. I hope my readers — all two of you — enjoy it. As usual, if you have a topic to suggest, please email me and I’ll try to include it. And I always welcome guest editorials — as long as I agree with you. ‘Til next time.

Golden Globes

Congratulations to The X-Files for winning the 1998 Golden Globe Award for Best Television Drama Series. It is one of my favorite shows — due in large part to the absolutely fabulous character of Dr. Dana Scully. I was sorry that Jennifer Lopez didn’t win — she was nominated for her role as Selena Quintanilla Pérez. I was also sorry that Hector Elizondo didn’t win — he was nominated for his role in Chicago Hope. All in all, the rest of the awards went pretty much the way they do every year.

New Year’s Blues

What is it about a new year that makes everyone think that they have to completely redo their lives? Is it just the post-holiday depression thing that makes everyone look at what they have and decide that it’s not enough? I’m sure that some psychologist somewhere has a really good, completely believable theory on this.

Whatever it is, my friends have all decided to go on diets, to swear off men or women or, in some cases, both. They have decided that clean living is the only way to go and alcohol and caffeine and late nights are all of a sudden no-nos.

Am I the only sane person left? I will not diet, I will not change my living habits and if people don’t like me by now they never will. Oh well, the good thing about new year’s resolutions is that they only last about a month or so. Until then, I’ll sulk silently and put up with it.

Happy New Year!

Well, I’ve been absent from this forum for a while now. I’ve taken this week to try and catch up with everyone else. It seems like I’m the only one who disconnected her computer for the holidays. Oh well, I really don’t think I missed much. I did have a lot of fun in México over Christmas. I have lots and lots of topics to cover. I have some ideas on how to improve this site. And I’ve made several promises to myself about improving the content. All I need now is the time. I hope that my semi-loyal readers will provide me with material and suggestions on what to do with this space. I’m going to start bothering my friends and acquaintances to do guest features. I intend to do all of this before the summer. Anyway, I’ll be posting regularly. Read my words and write to me.