Lucha Libre toy wrestlers

I’m going to channel my inner Valley Girl now:

“Oh My God! I can’t believe what I found!” (in a high-pitched voice)

What I found was Lucha Libre toy wrestlers at Corazon Fair Trade:

Plastic 4″ Mexican wrestlers, all in the same pose, but each one hand painted with crazy colors and wonderful lack of precision. Some have capes, some have hair. Incredibly, still made in Mexico.

At $2 each, these will make great stocking stuffers. (Found via Mighty Goods.)

a mistake

Lesson learned: never pick a place to live under pressure.

I needed to find a place before baby sister has her baby. I needed to find a third bedroom for little brother. I needed to find a place without my mother’s input. I needed to find a place that I could afford.

I found a place, I rented it, I hate it.

I thought that the drive would be fine. It’s actually less time than where I lived before. But the drive is somehow, more boring, and seems longer. I hate the drive.

The apartment is really a two-story townhouse with two bedrooms upstairs and one bedroom downstairs. The AC doesn’t cool the top floor adequately. If I’m having hot flashes right now, the summer is going to be absolute hell.

We have a bunch of twenty-something bachelors in the place to the right of us. Right now I can hear the thump-thump-thump of drums. Are they actually playing instruments over there at 11 p.m.? What the hell is going on? My mother’s bedroom is always lulled by music. She says it’s too early to complain.

I think I made a mistake in picking this place. It seemed perfect and now I just wished we hadn’t moved.

Did I mention that the apartment management didn’t update our mailbox for a few weeks, so our mail here was being returned? Did I mention that it looks like our mail from the old address isn’t being forwarded to the post office box I rented, even though it’s been more than four weeks?

Did I mention that little brother’s car died, so on top of everything else I have to take him to work at 6 a.m. every morning? (I know, I can’t blame the move for that, but it just adds to it.)

Since the playground is across the drive from my place, every afternoon every child in the apartment complex congregates there. It’s very noisy.

I hate this place. It may be time to buy. Any suggestions?

free in Houston

Houston Citysearch has a list of the top 10 freebies in the city that’s worth bookmarking. My favorites:

  • Miller Outdoor Theatre
    100 Concert Dr, Houston, TX
    Pack up a picnic dinner and head to the park for a free concert or play.
  • Kemah Boardwalk
    Bradford Ave and Second St, Kemah, TX
    Exciting free activities are offered through the year, including live bands, fireworks, laser shows, dancing and more.

There’s lots more.

tortillas made in China? now I've heard everything!

I never thought I’d live to see the day when we were importing tortillas from China. And now it’s here:

Tortillas made in China
— reported by

GRUMA, S.A. de C.V., one of the leaders in manufacturing corn flour and tortillas, opened its first plant in Asia. Located in Shanghai, China this is the company’s 89 facility in the world.

The plant’s inaugural was led by Roberto Gonzalez Barrera, Chairman of GRUMA, Jairo Senise, CEO and Juan Gonzalez Moreno, Asia – Australia Division Director.

GRUMA’s new plant has the capability to produce 15 thousand tons of wheat tortillas, 7 thousand tons of corn tortillas and 6 thousand tons of snacks. According to Barrera the new plant, and the resulting business in Asia, will initially generate 180 new jobs. GRUMA has invested $100 million U.S. in market research, geographical location and infrastructure, to ensure the new plant is strategically located to best serve its clients in Asia.


Well, that makes me feel better, that it’s tortillas for Asia. However, it still feels wrong somehow.

calling all doctors

Reports show that we need more students in medical school, as soon as possible.

Medical schools try to cure enrollment epidemic
— reported by the Houston Business Journal

Houston-area medical schools are gearing up to take on a national physician shortage.

An increase in U.S. population and an aging physician work force has the Association of American Medical Colleges calling for a 30 percent increase in medical school enrollment by 2015. That increase is double what the organization recommended in 2005.

The enrollment increase would mean 5,000 more medical students annually, according to the AAMC. The organization represents 125 M.D.-granting U.S. medical schools and 17 accredited Canadian medical schools.

Several medical schools in Houston have large pools of applications, but challenges such as having adequate faculties, facilities and funds are keeping many of the schools from being able to admit even 25 percent of the candidates.


It looks like we have shortages in a lot of major fields. It should be interesting to see how this affects higher education.