programming ideas to support businesses at your library

Blog about Libraries has a nice post with 15 Ideas for supporting Businesses at your Library.

Here are my picks:

  • Become a Job Club site – get your local workforce development groups to hold meetings or conduct training at your site.
  • Collect resources for start ups.

Read the post for more info.

(Link found via The “M” Word – Marketing Libraries.)

real numbers, crime is up in Houston

The Houston Chronicle recently reported that numbers from the first half of 06 prove that Houston’s crime is up… in a big way.

City’s rise in violent crime outpaces U.S.
For the first half of ’06, Houston’s killings increased 28%, the nation’s 1.4%, report shows
— reported by the Houston Chronicle

Violent crime in Houston increased at nearly twice the national level for the first half of this year, compared with the same period last year, a preliminary FBI report indicates.

Nationwide, robberies were up by almost 10 percent, killings increased 1.4 percent and aggravated assaults increased 1.2 percent, while rapes decreased less than 0.1 percent. Overall, violent crime increased in all four regions of the country from January to June this year, compared with the same period last year.

Violent crimes, including killings and rapes, rose by 5.9 percent in Houston, the report indicates, compared with 3.7 percent nationwide. Killings in Houston during that period rose by a staggering 28 percent — from 158 last year to 202 this year. Rapes, aggravated assaults and property crimes all remained at about the same level.


For additional information on this, read blogHOUSTON’s post.

no surprise, rehires are affected

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that “Fewer Hispanic immigrants are being hired to replace meatpacking workers arrested at Swift & Co. plants in Grand Island, Neb., and Greeley, Colo., during last week’s immigration raid, union officials said this week.” Big surprise. What would you do, after the government singled out your business?
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kidnappings increase on the border

Recent news about the increase in kidnappings in Southern Texas and Northern Mexico has me concerned. I drive through there a few times a year to visit my Grandmother (and mother). But my mother goes that way all the time.

Granted, we have almost no money. I can’t imagine anyone targetting someone from my immediate family for money. However, there have been unintentional victims.

I get worried that it’s going to become too dangerous for me, in the not so far future.


Kidnappings on rise in South Texas
Officials say pressured cartels turn to abductions on U.S. side of the border for ransom
— reported by the Houston Chronicle