a good writer is born

I am listening to Inside PR #64 podcast, where they are debating whether a good writer is born or made — their vote is for born. “You can make a good writer better,” states one of the two voices floating from my computer.

The one quote I heard today that I absolutely loved: “(Good) writing is the price of entry to the PR world.”


Oh…. I agree. I think that everyone needs to improve existing writing skills (including me) or obtain them.

Just my opinion.

need to make some decisions

Personally, I hate change. I hate having to move apartments. I hate looking for a new job, starting a new job. I hate having to reaccustom myself to new practices and habits.

I am a creature of habit. I like continuity.

I guess, really, I’m not unlike everyone else. We all like some safety, security, continuance in our lives. If everything changed all the time, I think many of us would be unhappy.

Having said that, I know that I need to make some hard decisions that will effect change in my life. One is about my job, my career. One is about where I live, my life as a renter. One is about long-term goals. One is about personal happiness.

I don’t wanna! 😉

Truthfully, just the thought of making these decisions is making me tired. I don’t want to be the adult. In fact, if someone else could take responsibility for a few days, that would be great.


That’s not true, I know. If someone else were trying to make decisions for me, I’d hit the roof. I’m not happy without independence. However, sometimes I do wish that weren’t the case.

I’ll let you know, at another time, what the decisions are and what my decisions will be. For now, I’m going to ponder.

education news & links

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Web Junkie news & links

Vertical Response gives us 5 Basics for Climbing the Search Engine Ladder that are touted as “EASY, QUICK and FREE.” They are: reciprocal linking, keyword analysis, keyword density, clean code and attention to the title tag.

The Blog Herald has some good tips on improving your blog. Tips to get more comments, and tips to make a good first impression. Worth a look.

The New York Times asks the question: Can Blogs Become a Big Source of Jobs? The answer they give isn’t very good. Yes, you can make a living off blogs. But finding a job takes an unconventional approach.

If you have time online, catch AOL Latino’s newest project: Fashionista. From a story in Advertising Age: “This is the first time we’re mixing video with voting and social networking, so we expect a lot of traffic,” said Mark Lopez, publisher of AOL Latino.