The Costcofication of Media

I can’t believe I’m doing this, but go to Strumpette’s post on “The Costcofication of Media.” The post, written by an “honored guest,” is very good:


Consolidation is inevitable in all commerce. American consumers have discarded all notions of quality, product differentiation and brand allegiance. Consumer goods are purchased at Costco by families queuing up 10-deep with extra-large $350+ cartloads of clothing, food, furniture, electronics, camping gear, tires, “entertainment,” and anything else for which the company has been able to make a profitable deal. It’s easy to vilify Costco and Wal-Mart, but consumer preference for one-stop shopping and the lowest price are obviously key drivers in this.

And so goes the Costcofication of media. As corporate marketing budgets tighten, and internal communications staff is cut, and turned over to junior (read less expensive, more easily abused) people, it is inevitable that corporations will look to outsource more and more communications functions and projects to PR and advertising agencies and marketing firms. Giovanni Rodriguez terms it “a crisis of identity” for agencies. I would call it a crisis of quality for clients. The result is that many corporations have inadvertently chosen to do one-stop shopping for a cart full of generic, low-cost media.



Houston Museum District Day on Saturday, August 18

Mike McGuff reminds us that Houston Museum District Day on Saturday, August 18:

Get ready to enjoy a free day in the Houston Museum District on Saturday, August 18 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Board a free bus shuttle and spend the entire day exploring favorite museums and discovering new destinations. Museum District Day will feature fascinating exhibitions, hands-on activities, demonstrations and performances throughout the day. Fourteen museums will waive their general admission fee to offer the community the opportunity to enjoy the District’sdiverse displays of art, science, nature and history. For more details aboutMuseum District Day please visit

Participating museums include:Buffalo Soldiers National Museum, Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum, Children’s Museum of Houston, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, The Health Museum, Holocaust Museum, Houston Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Houston Center for Photography, Houston Museum of Natural Science, The John C. Freeman Weather Museum, Lawndale Art Center, The Menil Collection, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, The Rothko Chapel


laws to know

I found this great post on the Aviva Directory, entitled “12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know.” Which 12?

  1. Whether to Disclose Paid Posts
  2. Is Deep Linking Legal
  3. The Legal Use of Images and Thumbnails
  4. Laws that Protect You From Stolen Content
  5. Domain Name Trademark Issues
  6. Handling Private Data About Your Readers
  7. Who Owns User-Developed Content and Can You Delete It
  8. The Duty to Monitor Your Blog Comments, and Liability
  9. Basic Tax Law Issues in Blogging
  10. Limited Liability Laws and Incorporating
  11. Spam Laws and Which Unsolicited Emails are Legal
  12. Are Bloggers Protected from Journalism Shield Laws