promoting Houston's history

Houston has a new non-profit, the Houston History Association:

It is our mission to promote Houston area history through education and serve as a resource for existing educational institutions, historical organizations, and archival groups. We are working to document neighborhood histories, recapture the past through oral histories, and inspire all citizens of greater Houston to learn more about their diverse culture and legacy.

We believe that Houstonians who are conversant with their history and especially with the role their own neighborhoods have played in that history will understand how vital it is that we cooperate to protect the various aspects of our shared past.


a portrait on illegal immigration — from an ex-illegal immigrant

This week’s Houston Press has a great feature on Hugo Ortega, owner of Hugo’s. In it he speaks candidly about coming to this country as an illegal immigrant, his road to success and the current reliance the restaurant industry has on the immigrant workforce. A very good read.