Saavedra's deal

From the Houston Chronicle’s School Zone blog:


After meeting in closed session for about an hour, the board also unanimously approved his amended employment contract — which, in a nutshell, guarantees Saavedra his $327,010 base salary through next March, even if the board finds a new superintendent before then.

That means the district could be paying Saavedra and a new superintendent at the same time, though Saavedra’s attorney, Vidal Martinez, predicts the overlap won’t be much since superintendent searches can take a while.


Chron – footnotes

KIPP expanding single-gender school program
Charter for boys will soon have a girls’ campus nearby

— Houston Chronicle2


The campus, KIPP Voyage Academy, is expected to be Houston’s first all-girls public school. Nationally, the number of single-gender public schools has jumped from 11 in 2002 to 518 now, according to the National Association for Single Sex Public Education.


2 = article may expire in a few weeks.

media relations conferences

The Cision blog lists “eight terrific conferences” for media relations in 2009:

  1. PR News Media Relations Next Practices Forum (March 10, Washington DC)
  2. ALI’s Social Media Summit (April 27-30, Toronto)
  3. New Marketing Summit (April 28-29, San Francisco; May 14-15 Milan, ITALY; May 27-28, Dallas; September 30-October 1, Boston)
  4. PRSA’s The Digital Impact (April 30-May 1, NYC)
  5. Bulldog Reporter’s Media Relations Summit 2009 (May 17-19, NYC)
  6. Mediabistro Circus 2009 (June 2-3, NYC)
  7. IABC 2009 World Conference (June 7-10, San Francisco)
  8. PRSA 2009 International Conference (November 7-10, San Diego)

And I’m probably not going to make a single one.

green condos in Hyde Park

Green Team Houston writes:

On the corner of Waugh and Hyde Park in Houston, Texas a typical 20 foot shipping container has been adapted into a sustainable “green” design for the offices of Mirabeau B. Condominiums.

Powered by the solar panels, their last energy bill was NEGATIVE $193.

Their proposed development boasts an array of sustainable design components from green screens and roofs to energy efficient HVAC systems and a water retention system.

Interesting. I wonder what you can do to an existing house to help with energy efficiency.