Fun that's NOT fun

One of the things that’s become obvious to me is that I am not commited to dieting. I used to be so good about making sure that I only ate the things that are good for me. But I stopped that a while ago and haven’t been able to het back to it.

What is it that’s stopping me now?

It’s behavior, habits, decisions I make every day that affect what I do and how I live. I eat without consideration. Without thought, and I pay for it later.

I need to stop. Or rather, I need to start.

Whatever. Just a ransoms thought at the end of a very bad week.

{{Written on my iPhone.}}

Mobile Blogging

This is my first attempt at true mobile blogging. I am writing this from my iPhone while waiting for my next meeting to start. My fault, since I forgot to confirm the place we were meeting until too late.

I miss blogging. Have been spending too much time on social networks and not enouh writing real content. And here I am.

This seems very easy so far. Wish me luck.