Today’s diet report — October 23

9:30 AM — I had a very big breakfast today. But it was the handful of almonds I added to the meal that made the impact on my calorie count. I need to pay attention to stray calories and start avoiding items that aren’t filling.

I’m not discussing the scale today, since I went off the rails yesterday.

1:00 PM — I had a nice nutritious lunch. Chicken kabobs from Zoe’s.

9:00 PM — I went to a Halloween party, which means I had junk food. But I had a lot of fun.

I’m not giving myself an indulgence this weekend, since I’ve been see-sawing with food this week.

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Today’s diet report — October 20

9:00 AM — woke up very early and went walking in the park. I hate waking up early, but enjoy the walk. Honestly, it’s my only exercise.

I started the day early enough that I had fruit and cottage cheese for breakfast, with some herbal tea. A good start to the day.

Mid-morning snack was a banana and some sharp cheddar cheese. Looked at calorie count, and thanks to the walk I have lots of wiggle room today.

1:00 PM — lunch was eaten at my desk, again. A frozen lasagna meal from Weight Watchers and half an apple. Not a lot of fun, but satisfying and filling.

9:00 PM — dinner was a ham and cheese sandwich paired with a spinach salad. I should have passed on the sandwich, I know, but it was yummy.

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Today’s diet report — October 19

11:30 AM — I am glad (sad) to report that this weekend’s indulgences resulted in a one-pound increase. Overall, not bad. I’m not sure if it was the overkill on breakfast or the sodium at the movie theater. I don’t like seeing the scale go in the opposite direction, but I knew it was going to happen, so it’s not unexpected.

I took my pills, mostly to use them up, and waited the appropriate time before I had a banana and tea for breakfast. I had half an apple and a cube of cheese as a snack mid-morning.

3:00 PM — lunch was eaten at my desk, Weight Watchers chicken enchiladas frozen dinner. Eating lunch at my desk is not fun.

Mid-afternoon I had a snack of half an apple and a handful of almonds. I was really hungry for some reason.

8:00 PM — I made a sausage/vegetable stir fry with a toasted English muffin. My new favorite thing is diet root beer, and I indulged in two. After dinner I had another handful of almonds.

I know I went over my calorie count today, but I stayed on course otherwise. Will see tomorrow what the scale reads.

Intend on going walking in the morning. Let’s see if it happens.

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Today’s diet report — October 17

I was doing a lot of things wrong. I know that, I always knew that. While I continued to make bad choices about my diet and my health, it was insanity to expect good results. But somehow I did.

I’ve turned the tide on this, I think. But I’ve had to make some modifications to my plan. And it’s going to be harder than I thought. The good thing is that I’ve given myself plenty of time to get this done.

I’m still taking my pills every morning. It’s been almost a month and I wasn’t seeing any effect from that. I was on the Healthe Trim pills for almost three weeks by themselves and my weight was still see-sawing up and down, with no real results. The only good thing to come out of it was that it forced me to give up caffeine. But I’m working my way through the bottle and following the instructions anyway.

New things include that I’ve increased my fiber intake. Last weekend I attended a health seminar which included a workshop by two nutritionists. It was a really good presentation that discussed healthy duets, why carbs are important, what the impact of muscle vs fat is, and why fiber is important. So I bought a box of those Benefiber packets and gave been adding them to my drinks throughout the day. That’s cheating, I know, but it’s a good way to increase my daily fiber.

I started taking health supplements again. These include a variety for my joints, mood, and metabolism. Pretty sure these aren’t the magic bullet, but they can’t hurt.

I’ve been making better decisions about what I eat and when. This is the important part, the part with the most impact. I’m not consuming 1000-calorie meals and eating late. I’m not going crazy on the carbs. I’m not missing meals. I’m being moderate in my approach.

The combined result us that this week my weight either held or went down and I lost 4 pounds. In the last year, that’s been my best week. Not the week where I’ve lost the most weight, but the one where I had the entire week in the success column. Feels good.

11:00 AM — breakfast with my family included my first real indulgence of the week: a full breakfast with eggs, bacon, potatoes, and a croissant. Delicious. I realize that I will have to be extra vigilant for the rest of the day (the rest of the weekend), but it was worth it.

4:00 PM — I had a half bowl of rice with Turkey meat. Mostly to tude me over until real dinner. Going out with my sister and brother-in-law to dinner and a movie.

9:00 PM — I ended the day with a handful of movie-theater popcorn, a pickle, some Sour Patch Kids, and a very big caffeine free Diet Coke. Not nutritious, I know.

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VT2 Studios is having a garage sale

Picked this up at Only In Houston:

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Might be worth a visit.