Today’s Diet Update — December 30

It comes as no surprise to anyone that getting back into gear is hard for me. I don’t do self control well, some times at all. Two years ago I went on a self-imposed mission to lose weight because I didn’t want to have to buy new clothes, fatter clothes. That’s where I am now again.

But I don’t know if I have the strength to do it again, and to do it right this time. Weak little girl. The worst part is that I don’t want to talk about this with my friends and family — they’ve seen me fail too many times. I just don’t want to know that they are judging me, or think that they are judging me (even though they probably aren’t).

Silly, really, when what I need to do is shout it from the rooftops and have myself accountable to everyone.

7:30 AM — Cheerios and 2% milk, with a side of Earl Gray tea is what’s for breakfast this morning. I bought the box over the weekend because I had a craving. Very bizarre.

1:00 PM — lunch was a fried shrimp taco with rice and beans from Berryhill. Very yummy. Very bad. The only thing I can say is that at least I only had one taco instead of my regular two.

8:00 PM — Dinner was a chicken sandwich and fries from Chick-Fil-A. Also very yummy. The fries put me over my calorie count for the day. If I’d just had the chicken sandwich, I’d been fine. Hindsight is great.

One of the things I need to learn is that I can’t always just order what I want. In most cases, I need to cut the order in half.

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one blog to rule them all

So… if you’ve arrived at you were trying to access one of my “stories from a…” blogs and have been redirected. I finally gave up trying to maintain multiple blogs and have consolidated all of them into one.

So… you will now find information about my diets, my professional life, public relations, education, web stuff, and other topics that comes into my mind. Many many topics.

Welcome to the new repository for my thoughts. Good luckk.