Daily log, February 5 — a very tough day

Today was a very tough day, a bad day. I hadn’t had a truly bad day in a while, so I think I just wasn’t prepared to deal with it. Kind of like doing a difficult workout after a long time away from the gym. My “tough day” muscles are not fit these days.

9 AM — breakfast was a sausage/cheese kolache with coffee. I was at a morning meeting and that’s what they had. I really should have eaten at home before leaving, but I didn’t leave myself enough time to do that.

3 PM — I worked through lunch. I had a diet root beer and mixed nuts to tide me over. Not good, especially when you couple that with the stress I endured today.

5 PM — I picked up several slices of chocolate cake to thank my staff after a few intense weeks of work. If you’re going to give chocolate cake, then go to The Chocolate Bar. The slices are expensive but worth it. I had three bites of one piece, which I’m taking home with me.

8 pm — dinner was a quick trip to Taqueria Arandas, where I had a comida guisada that I didn’t really enjoy. And, other than the three bites of chocolate cake I had when I picked up the slices at the Chocolate Bar, I didn’t have any of that either. It was more of a quick fix than anything else.

I’m very glad today is over.

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Daily Log, February 4 — working out by myself

Started the day with a workout. Yes, that means that I went to the gym early and worked out by myself… without a trainer or my friend in tow. I was very proud of myself.

9 AM — breakfast was a granola bar and tea.

2 PM — I went home for lunch, where I made a sausage, egg & cheese sandwich.

9 PM — dinner was canned chicken soup.

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Daily Log, February 3 — bad patterns

Once again, I didn’t go to the gym or walking. I really need to start developing good habits soon.

9 AM — breakfast was a couple of Weight Watchers quesadillas, one package. These are easy to make, easy to eat.

12 PM — I had a small protein bar for lunch, since I had to work through lunch.

7 PM — me being me, I had dinner at Barnaby’s. I actually told a friend that I needed to go out since I hadn’t eaten out since lunch on Monday… that’s less than two and a half days and I missed eating out!

I had an egg salad sandwich with chips. Since I had eaten so few calories for the rest of the meals, I actually was OK for the day, but that’s not the point.

The point is that: I ate out by myself because I didn’t want to go home to eat, and I ordered a very fattening thing even though I could have ordered something much healthier.

That’s typical of me.

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Daily Log, February 2 — it’s too cold

Was supposed to go walking this morning but my partner cancelled. Did I go to the gym? Of course not! Not a good sign.

9 AM — breakfast was an egg sandwich with cheese.

3 PM — I popped home for lunch and had some canned chicken soup. I bought a lot of that stuff, so I’ll be using it as a standby until I don’t have any left.

9 PM — for dinner I made my version of Tuna Helper, which was basically a package of noodle mix to which I added tuna.

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Daily Log, February 1 — personal trainer

Today I had my first appointment with my personal trainer. My gym gives me three appointments free with my membership.

I didn’t expect to actually like him, but I did. He seems to understand that I will try but I can’t be pushed beyond what my body can do.

He seems to know what he’s doing, and has patience. I may check to see if I can pay for additional sessions with him once my three first sessions are up.

9 AM — I missed breakfast, so I had a granola bar at the office.

2 PM — I had lunch withy brother because we were out together doing an errand. I had the salmon dish at Cafe Express.

10 PM — dinner was sausage and scrambled eggs. Boring.

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