Getting lost on the path to financial fitness

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Oh, wow. I’ve done some calculations and it looks like I’m going to have $150 left over in my spending account. That’s very good to see. I almost never have monies left over at all.

Maybe if I can save a little each week over the next few weeks, I can use that to cover the money I’m going to spend on the trip to New Orleans. That would be really good.

I have some money budgeted for another tank of gas and approximately $30 for a few items of groceries. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to buy much more this weekend.

I’m in a good place.


So, OK, I ate lunch out. I had packed lunch every day this week, but I decided that I could splurge a little. So I ate at a nice casual place. Yes, I got the dessert too. The bill came up to $16. Ok, $19 with the tip.

But I’m still in a good place.


The $40 dinner was definitely not planned. But, really, was I supposed to tell my mother that I didn’t want to have dinner with her? And was I supposed to ask her to pick a cheaper place? I don’t think so.

Yes, I do know that having my mother over is one of the biggest ways my budget goes wrong. I figured out once that having my mother over for a full weekend accounts for an extra $100-$150 in spending. That’s just wrong. But I remain a jellyfish, incapable of saying “no” to her.

So, OK, I’m not broke. I haven’t gone over my budget yet. And I spent just what I expected on gas.


How exactly did I spend $100 at the grocery store? What happened to my plan and my list?

Yes, I needed everything I bought… OK, maybe the cream cheese was a luxury. And perhaps I could have lived without the Italian sausage. But I absolutely needed the two different types of block cheddar cheese. And I was down to half a case of diet soda, so I had to get another one in case I ran out late in the week. And I refuse to buy chicken on a bone even if it costs half as much.

{[sigh}} Yes, I hear myself.


WTF!?!? How do I only have $20 left?

Recipes and food posts to bookmark; November 3rd list

Looking for some food blogs to follow? Blogs by Latinas does a nice roundup in “Food Blogs I Love.” You’ll find some of the blogs I reference in my food link posts.

Bread pudding made with cajeta? That sounds yuummy! I am bookmarking this recipe: Cajeta Quemada: Celebrating World Dulce de Leche Day.

Did you know you have to warm your eggs before you bake with them? I just read that in a Real Simple post: How to quickly warm eggs – Simply Stated Blogs | Real Simple. This is news to me, but a good tip to keep in mind as you wonder why your bread isn’t a light as you’d like it to be.

For those of you with a green thumb who want to grow your own avocadoes, I include this link: HOW TO: Grow an Avocado Tree from Seed, from Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building.

If you’ve been looking for a good risotto recipe, and you read Spanish, you can look at Risotto de queso de cabra y tomillo con prosciutto. I like that the recipe seems simple and easy to make. 

Good tips: