I’m writing my fairy tales

In honor of Valentine’s Day I’m going to be posting a series of semi-fictional stories. What this means is that I’m going to share stories that are based on actual events. What this means is that at some point someone told me a story that I sort of remember and that I’m using as inspiration for my version.

Confused yet?

I’m hoping to get 14 stories, to run February 1 to 14, but I’m not certain that it will work out.

Enjoy the ones that do get posted… starting tomorrow.

image source: Nemo / Pixabay

I miss lunch

At my new job there seems to be some sort of conspiracy to keep me from ever eating during the day. It doesn’t matter if I bring lunch or not. It doesn’t matter if I pack something that doesn’t need to be reheated or refrigerated. Most days I don’t get to eat at all.

Breakfast has become critical for me, since I’m probably not going to get home until 8pm. Oh, did I forget to mention that? It’s not like I skip lunch and then leave promptly at 5pm… or 6pm… It’s always closer to 7pm (or later) before I start to wrap up my day.

You would think that I would lose weight, but no. My body seems to be storing fat for future use, or in protest or something.


Oblivious… really

Yesterday was the State of the Union address and I didn’t even know until this morning.
The state swore in a new governor this week, and I only knew because I heard about it the next day on the radio.

I’m very disconnected right now. Oblivious to what’s happening in the world around me, unless it’s related to work and (just a bit) to family.

That’s just not right. I need to do better.

I haven’t even been spending time with friends. Bad bad bad.


Notice the sarcasm?

Nemo / Pixabay

Okay, so this is going to be kind of a rant… You have been warned.

I have this moment of disbelief when someone tells me that they know someone who would be perfect at “doing social media as a job.” The statement is usually followed by an explanation that this person is on all the networks, spends a lot of time on them, has a lot of friends, and “knows what they’re doing.”

The disbelief is followed by a burst of amusement. This is the equivalent of saying that someone is qualified to drive in Nascar because they have a long daily commute. They spend a lot of time doing it, so they must be ready to do it professionally.

::notice the sarcasm?::

In my world, social media is a business. We apply marketing and communications principles to the messaging. Posts are tactics, and they usually have a goal of some sort. And the goal has a KPI of some sort. Yes, we measure. We measure a lot. We measure on schedule, and learn from the results. And make improvements.

All of this requires some knowledge of how social media works, and how it impacts your business’ bottom line. And this is true if your business is a non-profit, a food truck, a school, a freelancing business, or even a blog.

What makes you think you can do my job? What makes you think that my job is so mind-numbingly easy that anyone can come in and just do it, without any training of any kind? What makes you think you have the knowledge and insight to tell me that I’m doing the job wrong.

In my world, social media is a business. So let’s treat it as such.

image source: Nemo / Pixabay