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Last week was my week to have lunch with my friends. Four days in a row I had lunch with people I hadn’t seen in months. For someone who can be so antisocial, I was actually nice to them. Maybe it was just time for me to reconnect. Maybe it was just that I needed to talk to people outside my family or work environment. Anyway, it was a nice change to have lunch with and talk to friends.

I got to work on a really great project today. As part of my current job I coordinate the marketing projects for a satellite campus of my university. What that means is that their marketing director decides on when and where she wants to place an ad and I hire a designer and buy the space and oversee the ad placement and design. I talked their marketing director into doing a completely new ad series, which requires a photoshoot and a new design. Anyway, today I went with the photographer and the art director to scout the locations where we’ll be doing the photoshoot next week. It was a lot of fun. I felt so productive, so creative. WE walked around the buildings and decided on lighting and angles and all that stuff. I can hardly wait to get the photos and do something with them. It’ll be great to see what the final product’s gonna look like.

On a personal note, my niece is still in the hospital. You should see her. She sits in that hospital bed like a princess. Regal, composed, in control. She’s like a queen, ruling from her throne. She is, of course, much better. It’s her parents who are giving the world fits. They’ve been fighting over every single thing. My brother-in-law has decided that he doesn’t want the doctors to draw blood from my niece, because it’s “unnecessary.” I don’t really understand what the motivation is behind this attitude of his, and my sister is equally confused. Unfortunately, my sister shows her confusion by calling him an idiot in loud, sniding tones that carry along the hospital halls with frightening ease.

My sister and her husband are fighting. What else is new?

The sad thing about today was that it was my niece’s birthday. We didn’t remind her that she turned three today. We didn’t want to let her know that she wasn’t getting her Chuck E Cheese’s birthday party, which she has been asking for for months. We didn’t want her to know that there weren’t going to be balloons and friends and cake for her because she was still in the hospital. We didn’t want to disappoint her.

We will, of course, celebrate her birthday at a later date. WE just didn’t want to remind her that she wouldn’t be getting the celebration today.

The big shocker today, however, was when I went to the hospital after work to visit the miss princess niece of mine, walked in to her room and there, sitting as if nothing was out of the ordinary, was my father.

My father. Sitting there. In the same room as my mother.

I stopped dead in my tracks. Nothing seemed to be wrong. No one seemed to be upset. No one seemed to be angry at all. How could that be? my mind screamed. My mother and father in the same room, with my sister and brother-in-law and other assorted people, and nothing seemed to be wrong.

There’s no way this could be the same couple that broke up in a hail of fire last October. But it was. They were sitting there, like adults, like perfectly polite adults. They were nothing at all like my parents. Nothing at all like the people who took 27 years to mold me into the utterly hopeless person I am. Nothing at all like the selfish people I have grown to expect.

They actually spent several hours in each other’s company without blood-loss.

Will wonders never cease?

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