a brief history of anti-immigration

Metroblogging’s Paul Chavez walks us through the history of anti-immigration sentiments in this country in a post about the Minutemen coming to Houston. Aptly entitled First it was la migra, now it’s the pinche minutemen, Chavez states: “I have an issue with those who claim to be protecting the US border from illegal immigrants under the guise of vigilante patrols in the name of national security.”

Read the post. He covers Xenophobia, local leaders’ lack of response, the words on the Minutemen Web site (to which I will not link) and a short list of other times in the last 100 to 150 years national sentiment has turned against immigrants. Of particular importance are the lenghts to which society sank in reaction to those instances. Let’s learn from our mistakes, please, and not repeat them.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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