a conversation"overheard"

I don’t know if this post from The Biblio Mosquito is a real conversation or not, but it’s funny and worth sharing. Excerpt:

“Ma’am, I’m sorry to keep you holding.”
“Mmmm. (sigh)”
“But according to the Directory of Wake-up Techniques, you can stimulate tired eyes by pouring coffee directly onto your eyeballs.”
(Pause. Suddenly with more energy.) “Onto my eyeballs?”
“Yes – according to page 36 of the directory, if you pour coffee that has been cooled to room temperature — (laughs) of course you wouldn’t want to pour HOT coffee onto your eyeballs — but if you pour cold coffee directly onto your corneas, you will not only rid yourself of the redness, but will actually be able to read faster.”
“(Long pause.) I don’t think I want to pour coffee onto my eyeballs. Thanks anyway.”
Call ended.

This is the punchline. You really have to read the whole thing to get the full effect. 🙂

Author: Paloma Cruz

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