A family wedding — staying over

I ended up spending the night at my sister’s house. That wasn’t part of the plan, but it was so late and I was so tired… it just sort of happened. Yes, I should have known it would happen, but I didn’t think that far ahead.

If I’d been smarter I would have packed a bag, but I wasn’t expecting to be at the wedding until midnight. I never thought that staying until the end was even a remote possibility, so I didn’t plan for it. As a result, I just wasn’t prepared, didn’t even have my regular “emergency” work stuff (tooth brush, makeup, brush, phone charger).

And that’s how I did end up staying the night at my sister’s house. Maybe I wouldn’t have if my mother had gone home with her instead of insisting that I drive her all the way back to my sister’s house. But Mom was having trouble getting in and out of the back of the Mommy-mobile, so she went home with me instead. And I had to look forward to an hour drive to my sister’s to drop off my Mother, then another 20-30 minutes to get home instead of just 30-40 minutes if she’d carpooled with my sister.

{{Sigh}} My Mother rarely makes things easier for me.

When I started the drive to drop my mother off, I still thought I was driving myself home afterward. When I pulled into the parking lot I realized that I was much too tired to drive more. And it just made sense for me to spend the night there. So I did.

I spent the night in my nephew’s bedroom — he never uses it, instead sleeping with his mother or mine. It’s a really comfortable bed.

So I was the one that, the next day, went to breakfast still in my dress and heels, my face scrubbed clean, my hair pulled back (thanks to my pilfering a rubber band from my mother).

And I got to go home looking like I was doing the walk of shame, when, really, it was the furthest thing from the truth.

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