a good use of twitter

Crisisblogger Gerald Baron writes about how twitter was used to keep an entire family up-to-date on a baby’s arrival:

Amy went into labor during my nephew’s wedding and Geoff was supposed to be a groomsman for his cousin–he got through the pictures but got called to the hospital two hours before the wedding started. We were text messaging him like crazy during the wedding and the reception to get updates on progress. He got tired of responding to everyone’s text messages so he set up a twitter site. With that, he just text messaged his updates once which went to a website that everyone could access. Use your cell phone to distribute content via a site or RSS feeds.

Of all the ego & business reasons I’ve heard for creating a tweet feed, this is the one that made the most sense. Use the technology to update everyone who wants to be updated with timely, need-to-know info.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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