a guide to the blogosphere, for nonprofits

TechSoup has a comprehensive review of blogs, blog tools and blog uses for nonprofits.

Of particular interest is the section covering ideas for your blog:

While you could use your nonprofit blog to track organizational celebrities (“Accidental techies — they’re just like us!”), your goals are probably more high minded. Consultant Britt Bravo offers some great suggestions for ways you can use your nonprofit’s blog to help your cause (along with examples of success stories) in her 10 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Blogs:

  1. To report back from an event or conference
  2. To involve staff and take advantage of their knowledge
  3. To involve volunteers and document their work
  4. To provide resources and information to constituents
  5. To provide resources and information from constituents
  6. To give constituents a place to voice their opinion
  7. To give constituents support
  8. To create the media coverage constituents want
  9. To give constituents the power and tools to create change
  10. To reach potential donors

More resources can be found in the TechSoup Learning Center.

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