a Houston history book

Houston Photobloggers spotlighted Houston Then & Now, a Houston history book (photo based) that was a hot ticket item in bookstores last year.

I found a neat book while I was at the Bookstop on Alabama yesterday. Houston Then & Now by William Dylan Powell. It basically puts photos from the 30s – 50s side by side with photos from today. For example City Hall when it was built in the 30s across the page from the City Hall of today. The photos aren’t breath taking, but it was fun for a person like me who loves the buildings and architecture of Houston. I love seeing some of my favorite things like the Old Cotton Exchange and the Sweeney, Coombs and Fredericks Building, then and now. The book was about $17 at Bookstop and you can also purchase it at Amazon.com.

Perhaps I need to add this to my running wish list.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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