a misquote, from one reporter to another

A friend of mine pointed this out to me, as a word to the wise. It seems that Dwight Silverman, the Houston Chronicle’s tech guru, gave a quote to KHOU that got misrepresented… or misquoted, or whatever.

I made the point of mentioning the above items during our interview, but KHOU chose not to use them. Granted, they’re not as simple or as quickly stated as what the reporter used, but in my opinion they’re far more effective and foster a more positive relationship than spying on your kids.

I’ll give Channel 11 the benefit of the doubt here, since this was a handoff interview. But it’s always, um, interesting when a journalist finds his words mishandled by someone else in the profession.

If a reporter is getting misquoted, one from such a big organization, by another from an almost equally big organization… well, how am I supposed to do my job if Dwight Silverman has to blog about it to get the straight story out?

Author: Paloma Cruz

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