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— reported by the Houston Business Journal

E-commerce jewelry retailer PurePearls.com has polished its image to stand out in a sea of online competitors


E-commerce site PurePearls.com sells the precious gems for less than one-third of what they cost in a retail store, according to Raab. Because the company buys directly from pearl farms all over the world, Raab is able to maintain low margins, which she says are passed on to customers.

For example, an eight-inch strand of top-grade South Sea pearls that would normally retail at $36,000 sells for $7,000 at PurePearls.com. A pair of Akoya pearl earrings with an average retail price of $500 costs around $100 through the Web site.

Every purchase comes with a 90-day unconditional return policy, and PurePearls.com’s record with the Better Business Bureau is flawless. Raab sends the most precious pearls to customers for personal inspection before they are strung.


Author: Paloma Cruz

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