A Texas Digital Library

Texas Universities Join to Create a Digital Library for Scholars and the Public, reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Four Texas university systems and Rice University will collaborate on a digital repository whose goal is to offer online resources, such as teaching aids, dissertations, and practical information, although not books.

The repository will be called the Texas Digital Library, but it will not resemble the California Digital Library — not initially, at least. While the California Digital Library — which provides books, journals, and databases to California libraries — provides an inspiration, says Fred Heath, vice provost of the University of Texas Libraries, “this would be closer to the DSpace collaborative at MIT.”


Intended to benefit both educators and the public, the new digital repository will be supported by the Texas A&M University System, the Texas Tech University System, the University of Houston System, and the University of Texas System. Rice, a private institution, is also part of the consortium.


Digitization and creating content for the site will be the most expensive part of the project, Mr. Greenstein said, but collaboration could allow the universities to save money elsewhere by pooling resources and negotiating for group deals on software and database licenses.

(Info found via The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog.)

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