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“If you build they will come” is the biggest lie on the Internet. Just having a site, just having a blog, isn’t enough. You have to have people getting to your blog either through searches or links.

So what does that mean? Today that means you have to find ways to generate links to your site. CopyBlogger has Five Link Building Strategies That Work. The shortlist:

  1. Social Media Sites
    [snip] The quickest way for an exceptional piece of content to get a lot of attention that results in secondary links is to make the home page of Digg or Delicious Popular. There are scores of similar sites that can drive quality traffic as well, such as Reddit, TechMeme, and Magnolia. For more offbeat content, Fark will shake your server. Plus there are dozens of aggregator sites such as PopURLS that also drive traffic based on your inclusion at the primary site. [snip]
  2. Linking Out
    [snip] Engaging in dialogue with the relevant blogs in your niche is a great way to get noticed, and it can lead to links back. Bloggers definitely watch who is linking to them thanks to Technorati, and you can take the initiative by linking out first before looking for one in return. [snip]
  3. Networking Emails
  4. Guest Appearances
  5. Article Directories

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