Access to MySpace, Facebook banned at Mishawaka library

No MySpace, Facebook at Mishawaka library
Director blames behavior of teenagers using Web sites.

— South Bend Tribune

You can no longer use MySpace, Facebook or other “social networking sites” at Mishawaka-Penn-Harris Public Library.

Fights, lewd language and cars being blocked in the parking lot by teenagers are among the problems Director Dave Eisen said have plagued the downtown library lately.

He told library board members that adults have complained about not feeling safe at the library. Eisen and his staff believe the teenagers are there to use MySpace, Facebook and other social sites.

So he received permission from the library board to cut off social networking sites.

It might have worked, as there were few teenagers going to the computer room by 3:30 p.m. Friday, a half hour after it normally begins to fill up. There were few teenagers even coming in to the computer room at the library.


This is just sad. Reading the story it’s clear that they had some serious behavior issues to address. It’s unfortunate that they believed that they had to limit access to vital online tools to do that.

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