an FAQ for blogs

ProBlogger answers a few very important frequently asked questions about blogs, including:

  • Isn’t a blog just an online diary?
  • Are there different types of blogs?
  • What value does a blog have for a business?
  • What type of businesses could benefit from a blog?
  • What business uses does a blog have?
  • Are blogs a useful networking tool?
  • How could I start a blog?
  • Where do I get ideas to write about on the blog?
  • What value are blog comments?
  • What is an RSS feed?
  • Should a blog have an RSS feed?
  • Do blogs have value in the search engines?
  • Why do blogs perform so well in the search engines?
  • Are blogs posts classified as theme relevant content?
  • Can a blog be optimized for the search engines beyond links and content?
  • Are there different types of blog links?
  • Are blog links downgraded by search engines like guest book links?
  • Can a blog be listed in any free internet directories?
  • Do the DMOZ and Yahoo! Directories accept blogs?

I’m glad someone else is answering these questions.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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