April 10, national protest

Local immigration activists to support national protest
April 10 march in downtown will join other rallies in major cities over legislation

— reported by the Houston Chronicle

Local immigrant-rights and labor group activists and organizations are planning a march and rally in Houston on April 10, when mass protests are expected in cities across the country.

That date, a Monday, “will be around the time that both the House and the Senate bills will be in Congress. And around that time, members of Congress will be in recess and back home. It’s a way for community members to really voice their opinion,” said Maricela Donahue, field organizer with Community for Change, a Washington-based organization that coordinates grass-roots movements.

The organization is hosting the site www.April10.org, which went live Thursday and is intended to be a central point for the national organization.


Author: Paloma Cruz

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