are Americans taking vacations?

Here are two articles that take opposing views.

Many Americans don’t give up work on vacations
— reported by the Washington Business Journal

Here’s more evidence some might say proves Americans work too much. says more than one in four — 27 percent — of the people it asked say they plan to work while on vacation this year. Another 16 percent say they feel guilty about vacations, and 7 percent actually think they’ll get fired if they take one.

For those who actually try to cut themselves off from the office while out of town, it sometimes takes a lie. The survey says 11 percent of workers have blamed a bad cell phone connection or lack of Internet access for failing to keep in touch while out of the office.


That sounds like me and most of the people I work with. And most of the people I know.

Most employees plan vacations
— reported by the Houston Chronicle

Most employees are scheduling some much-needed R&R this year, according to one survey.

Three-quarters of employees surveyed are planning vacations this year, with
27 percent heading to the beach. Fifteen percent will travel overseas, while 14 percent will stay home or visit relatives.


Planning a vacation, to me, is not the same thing as taking one.

Hmmmm…… Are you going to take a vacation this year?

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