Arthritis rate an imminent public health threat for Hispanics

This story struck a cord with me as I battle my back issues.

Hispanics Impacted More Severely By Joint Pain & Work Limitations.
— reported by HispanicAd

The rapidly growing U.S. Hispanic population and the disproportionate rate at which arthritis impacts this community indicate an imminent public health threat that could be limited with accurate information and action, according to the Arthritis Foundation.

According to recent estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly three million Hispanic adults in the U.S. report doctor-diagnosed arthritis, while millions more live with chronic joint symptoms but have not seen a doctor. The CDC study also revealed that, despite a lower population prevalence of arthritis, Hispanics with arthritis have more severe joint pain and a higher proportion of arthritis-attributed work limitations than non-Hispanics.

A recent survey published in The Journal of Pain showed that Hispanics are less likely to see a doctor for chronic pain than whites or blacks, with many citing a lack of health insurance as a major reason for avoiding treatment.


Recognizing the need to reach Hispanics with accurate information about arthritis, the Arthritis Foundation announces the availability of Spanish-language resources, including a series of 16 brochures and information sheets about various forms of arthritis; an award-winning Web site,, with message boards and more than 100 pages of information; a toll-free Spanish-language help line (1-800-568-4045) with an option to speak live with someone in Spanish; and an e-mail help address,, where Hispanics can get a personalized response in Spanish to their questions about arthritis.

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