back at work, moving slowly

I’m back at work this week. I don’t know if I’m glad about that or not. I’ve had a good day, which was almost unexpected. It made going back to work a pleasure.

In this post I give kudos to my gang at work. My boss, who is the nicest person you will ever meet. She knows when to push me, when to give me room and backs me up whenever I need it. She’s also the reason why I was able to come back into the office after more than two weeks out to find that 99% of the things that would normally land on my desk in my absence had been handled. She has an ability to make certain that things get done that I envy.

Did I mention that she provided me with a work laptop so I could surf the net from my bed? Not so I could do work, but because there’s only so much television and romance novels I could take, even on drugs.

My colleagues, who each and every one took on extra work to make sure that my clients and my projects received the attention they deserve in my absence. And, more importantly, gave them back to me today when I came back.

This is the team that makes me love my work. Yes, I enjoy the work itself. Yes, I love making an impact. But the truth is that I wouldn’t enjoy it nearly as much if I didn’t work with such a great group of people.

So I thank them, knowing that I owe them… again. 🙂

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