bad hair day

Today was one of those days where things just don’t click. You know the ones I’m talking about, when nothing gets done no matter how much you try. You try and try and try, but you still don’t get anything checked off your to do list. Ever have one of those?

I overslept. Of course I overslept. How can you start the day off wrong if you don’t oversleep? And it’s so unlike me. Even though I’m not a morning person, I don’t usually sleep so late that I’m running behind on the rest of the day. Except for today. Today I had to rush to get little brother to school and drive through the molasses express to get to work. I think I made it there only 30 minutes late.

I left my house with a bare face and wet hair. No makeup, no time on my hair and no jewelry. I literally screamed “hasty exit.” On top of that, I picked the first thing I could find to wear. I wore a short blue skirt, a long blue tee and black flat sandals. I’m surprised I had enough time to put on nylons. I looked like one of the students, or maybe one of the interns. I’m very glad I didn’t have any meetings scheduled for today.

I spent the day trying to focus. I tried, I sweat I tried, but it didn’t work. I got no work done. I started a lot of things. I even progressed on a couple of projects. I didn’t finish anything. I didn’t end anything. I didn’t actually accomplish anything today. It was just one of those days when you feel like you sleepwalked through the whole thing. And surfaced at the end.

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