be safe at Halloween

Kids Activity Queen has a great post on Preparing for Halloween Fun in Houston:

Here’s an excerpt:

Trick or Treating Safety Tips
– Shoes should fit (even if they don’t match the costume). – Avoid wearing masks when walking from house to house. Your child should be able to see properly through a mask. – Children should wear light-colored costumes with reflective tape for better visibility and the garment should be short enough to prevent tripping.
– Participate at church or local organization’s festivities where the environment is more controlled.
– Carry a flashlight after sunset.
– Approach only houses that are lit. Children should be accompanied by an adult at all times, should stay within their neighborhood, and only visit homes of people they know.
– Look for costumes made of flame retardant material. Avoid hard plastic or wood props such as daggers or swords. Foam rubber is a good substitute.
– Make sure your child eats dinner before heading out. Get the vegetables in early!
– Stay on sidewalks, obey traffic signals and don’t cut across yards or driveways.
– Inspect candy before any is consumed. If any candy appears to be tampered with, throw it away. If this is your child’s first time to trick or treat, remember that he/she could be 1 in 15 kids under age 3 who are highly allergic to the nuts in many candies.

Add you own tips, while you’re there.

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