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One of the branding tips I hear often is to distinguish yourself as an industry expert. How do you achieve that? Well, not all of us can claim a friendship with Oprah (a professional friendship with her is credited with aiding Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and Dr. Drew with making them renowned as experts in their respective fields). The same article, on American Express Open Forum, lists “9 Steps to Becoming a Go-To Industry Expert“:

  1. Stand out in your field.
  2. Make your own niche.
  3. Come armed with the top training and education in your industry.
  4. Be a character with a tough skin.
  5. Get exposure to build credibility.
  6. Keep up the momentum to build a following.
  7. Connect with the right people.
  8. Remember why you went into your industry in the first place.
  9. Focus less on fame-seeking and more on sharing your knowledge.

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