being bilingual is good for your career

Demand High for Bilingual Workers
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In a city nearly 36 percent Hispanic, and which receives 4 million Mexican visitors annually, having a bilingual staff is more a necessity than an option for Tucson’s small- and mid-sized businesses.

Some business owners, however, are finding that recruiting qualified bilingual applicants is easier said than done.


So why the dearth of bilingual applicants?

One reason may be that people who can speak Spanish at a conversational level do not have the same competency at a higher level typically required in the workplace, said Mary Gruensfelder-Cox, executive director of the nonprofit
Microbusiness Advancement Center, an organization that aids minority- and women-owned businesses.

“Just like any high-demand, low-supply commodity, these folks are few and far between,” she said. “It’s even worse when you’re talking about having certain job skills beyond the language capability.”


Author: Paloma Cruz

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