being political…

…is something I learned from my father. He was always ill at ease with his daughters, of which he had three and I was the oldest, and personal conversations were rare. The one thing he learned eventually, though, was that he could preach politics to me all day and I would sit there with a fascinated look on my face. Politics, I found, were a lot like soap operas. And being political, I learned, was just another way of expressing your opinion. It’s too bad that politics are such a taboo subject, something that is usually avoided as a topic of conversation. Teachers, community leaders and even families avoid the subject in an effort to not offend each other by having different opinions. Heaven forbid that differences should exist. And we all know that nobody is educated, tolerant or civil enough to respect the facts that other people may disagree with his/her views.

Sorry, folks. I’m just rambling on because I’m tired of the oh-so-polite atmosphere that I’ve been caught up in recently. People don’t say what they mean or think, and that doesn’t give other people a chance to expose them to new ideas. And that means that they will never change their ideals. And that’s scary and frustrating and all those other things that infuriate me. So I have this incredible urge to grab every person I see and demand to know that they think and would they please stop being so closed-mouthed about it? I know I’m not making a lot of sense, but anger does that to me. Talk to all of you soon.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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