Being pro-life and pro-refugee

Being pro-life and pro-refugee (

I came across this quote in an op-ed about reconciling pro-life beliefs with the reality of ongoing Christian values:


“I can no longer persuade myself that the birth of the child is the end of my pro-life agenda. I must be “pro” everything needed for that child not just to be born, but to flourish.

This means that I need to be pro education and pro job growth, and pro many other things I never considered as connected to my pro-life convictions.”


I’ve always wondered how some people can be fine with endorsing legislation that ensures that children live in poverty, go hungry, and have very little access to education or hope while at the same time saying that they’re pro-life. Does the care for that life end with the first breathe?

It’s an interesting read.

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SOURCE: I’m Pro-Life, and Pro-Refugee

Author: Paloma Cruz

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