blogging as therapy

Blog business world argues that blogging can be as therapeutic as therapy:

Because establishing and maintaining a blog is a postive action in and of itself, becoming a blogger is taking a huge step toward building self esteem. For many introverted people, who lacked self confidence in the past, writing a blog has helped to establish their presence in the world. When bloggers meet each other, instead of remaining silent as they might have in the past, they now have common ground for discussion and friendship.

Personal bloggers have found writing their posts to be powerful therapy. Putting their thoughts and ideas to keyboard, and then presenting them to the world is a courageous act. For many people, the personal blog might be their first entry into the internet community. That first step can be very frightening for many people. Once that initial hurdle is cleared, however, the blogger can continue posting with confidence.

I agree. One of the main reasons I keep posting, even though it isn’t daily, or even on a regular schedule, is that it’s a great outlet. This medium gives me the possibility of pushing my words out. I love being able to purge my thoughts and feelings and interests with those of you who are interested enough to read these posts.

It feels good to get the words out. I don’t think I would give this up willingly.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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