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I was very impressed with “From Geocities to MTYBlogs: The History of Monterrey’s Blogosphere” at Global Voices Online.

The following Mexican-centered history of weblogs was first published as a three part series on RegioBlogs by contributor, Dr. Alan Flores. It was translated by Andres Hardrada and David Sasaki and has been edited for brevity and clarity.

I don’t know anything about the blogosphere in Monterrey, but I found this academic paper very informative. Favorite note in this:

I agree with Eduardo’s comment: “many people have weblogs; they just don’t know they do. For them it’s just a “website”, their “myspace” or their “MSN Spaces.”

I don’t blog in Spanish, though I probably could. I don’t monitor blogging in Mexico, since keeping up with blogging in the US is hard enough. It’s nice to know, though, that borders really are nonexistent online.

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