bored, broke and needy

One of the main drawbacks to being broke is that I don’t have any money to do fun stuff, buy new clothes or go out regularly.


The diet is working, and I’m losing weight. That’s a good thing. My clothes are fitting loose… looser… loose enough that I’m having to put some of them aside so I won’t mistakenly wear them again. And I don’t have money to buy new clothes to replace them.

Of course, since my back still acts up a lot, wearing heels is out of the question. And I really really miss my shoe wardrobe. And I have many pants that are too long to wear with flat shoes (these I’ll have to take to the seamstress to get hemmed up). And I have many skirt for which I haven’t bought the right shoes to wear yet. So my wardrobe is limited by my lack of shoes. And, as I already wrote, I don’t have money right now to completely redo my shoe wardrobe.

(Can you tell that I’m writing this as 3 a.m.? My sentence structure sucks right now, and I’m in a whiny mood.)

In my next life I will be one of the haves, rather than one of the… whatever I am now. I’m not a have-not. I don’t think I qualify as middle class. What am I?

Perhaps that’s a question for daylight musings.

Anyway, a work week is over, I’m writing this on my new and improved work laptop and I can’t sleep. Sounds like business as usual.

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