broke again

I love my new car. I love the idea of owning a new car. It’s a great feeling. Except, of course, that between the down payment and the down payment for the insurance I destroyed my bank account. Add to that the fact that I was forced to take several weekends off my other job, I’ve ended up with no money at all. I keep thinking to myself that I only have to make it to next weekend and I will be fine. I _have_ to believe that or I’d be worried.

The reality is that I’d become so used to having lots of disposable income that I’d been spending too much money on junk. Lots of lunches out. Lots of stupid stuff that I’ve been paying for without realizing it. Now I’ll have to be more careful with my money. And maybe I won’t be so broke again.

On the subject of money, I’ve been busy working on the website for my first paying website design customer. I had been approached by people before to do small website projects for a fee. And I always turned them down. I was too busy. I didn’t want to commit the time and energy. I didn’t want to start doing websites for money. They were stupid reasons, but they were my reasons and I stuck to them. I finally decided that I do this for free for too many people and I need to get some money out of it, not just a portfolio. So I guess my very first client approached me at the right time.

Of course, I’m charging practically nothing. She’s a friend and this is my first paying customer and I don’t want to get greedy. But I know that I can count on her for plenty of references, and that’s mostly what I hope to get out of it. References for other clients who I will charge adequately because they won’t be friends and I actually do need the money now. Amazingly enough, I have a potential second paying client even as I write this. Nice. I figure that this hobby will start actually making real money sometime this year. Well…. I can always hope.

= = = = =

I met a guy I might actually be interested in. He’s in my marketing class. He’s nice, single and cute. We’ve been doing the subtle flirting thing. Of course, it’s been so long since I’ve even done that that I’m very conscious of everything I say and do. Silly and stupid, but true.

Nothing’s probably going to come of the flirting game, but I need to start somewhere. Wish me luck!

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