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The Godbit Project is a site I have bookmarked, not because I create sites for religious organizations, but because they so often have great posts about technology and programming.

Accessibility: Section 504, 508, ADA, WCAG, And You” is one of the posts that provide valuable information that could get overlooked if it’s not pointed out.

Many people have a little “508” link on their blogs to show that their personal journal conforms to the Rehabilitation Act of 1998, Section 508. This always makes me chuckle a little bit and wonder, “is this person a federally funded program?” This little tidbit inspired me to start writing this article. The recent news that Target is being sued by the National Federation for the Blind inspired me to finish it.

How exactly does the government legislation apply to Web sites you are creating?

The post covers topics including:

  • Why You Should Care
  • A Look At The Law: Rehabilitation Act of 1998 – Section 504, Section 508
  • It’s Not About Not Being Sued!
  • Enter The WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)

It’s definitely worth a read.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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