buying groceries, for the food-impaired

In case it’s escaped your notice, I’m on a diet.

It’s not a diet to fit into a dress, or to go to a party, or to meet a guy. It’s not a diet because my clothes are fitting too tight, or I’m getting tired too easily these days, or even because I just want to look better. It’s a diet my doctor is making me do.

Why? As he puts it, “hunger now equals less pain later.”

Basically, losing weight will help reduce the pressure on my back. It will also make recovery from back surgery easier. The more weight I lose, the less difficult the recovery will be later.

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to keep to my diet when I think that this is going to reduce pain in the long run. I never want to be in so much pain again that I have to go to the emergency room to be sedated. (Oh yeah… have I gotten to that part in the story yet?)

Anyway, here’s a “tip” article with some good advice. My personal favorite:

Don’t go food shopping on an empty stomach! You’ll be tempted to buy everything in sight.

Wish me luck.

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