bye, bye Krispy Kreme

Houston-area Krispy Kreme stores to become Jumbles Dough Factory
— reported by the Houston Business Journal

With Krispy Kreme on its way out of town, former Krispy Kreme franchisee Lone Star Doughnuts Ltd. will open Jumbles Dough Factory and Coffee Bar in the his five current Krispy Kreme locations.

Lone Star Doughnuts has owned and operated the only Krispy Kreme stores in the Greater Houston and Beaumont areas since 1998, but agreed on Feb. 9 to end its franchise relationship with Winston-Salem-based Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. (NYSE: KKD) as part of a settlement of disputes between the two companies.

Lone Star’s stores will stop operating as Krispy Kreme on March 8 and begin operating as Jumbles Dough Factory and Coffee Bar on the same day.


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  1. I was extremely upset when Krispy Kreme left and wont go to another doughnut store. They were the best. So I haven’t eaten any doughnuts since. Maybe someone should have thought about the customers. Lori

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