Cactus closing affects artists

Local artists lose place to grow dreams with Cactus closing
— reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11

By the end of March Cactus Music and Video will close.

Its owners are retiring and some people have said buying music from a brick and mortar store is going the way of the telegram.

To some people the closing of Cactus is more than just a store shutting its doors.

This was the sound of music for more than 30 years at this Cactus store.


By the end of March they will all be gone, not just the CDs and tapes that filled the bins, but for a lot of young artists—the chance.

The loss of that side of the business is another of Bud Daily regrets.


It will be harder now, harder to be found on the Internet, harder to find a home on the shelves.

For a lot of local artists Cactus didn’t sell little plastic discs it grew dreams.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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