Cactus Music is closing

A Houston landmark, Cactus Music, will be closing soon.

On a blue note
Cactus’ closing is another thorn for fans of independent music stores

— reported by the Houston Chronicle

Cactus Music & Video, one of the few remaining large independent music retailers in the country, will switch off its neon lights for good March 31.

The store, on the corner of West Alabama and South Shepherd, wasn’t specifically done in by a nationwide music industry slump or rent increases or the usual stimuli for a business shuttering. After more than 40 years of selling music, owners Bud and Don Daily, both in their 70s, decided to retire.


The Dailys opened Cactus Records in 1975. The store had several retail outlets that endured ups and downs in the ’80s before all resources were consolidated into the 9,000-square-foot space at West Alabama and South Shepherd.


Author: Paloma Cruz

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