camping out for a good preschool spot

Parents camp out to secure spot for their children in preschool
— reported by KTRK ABC Channel 13

A group of Houston area parents are planning well in advance for their children’s educations, some are hoping for college scholarships. But to get there they first had to spend days camped out trying to get them into preschool.

Some parents arrived on Friday afternoon. While some say it’s just a preschool, these parents know it’s much more than that.

Tents, chairs, sleeping bags, books and drinks — these were some of the supplies brought by parents in for the long haul. The Monday morning registration brought some parents out as early as Friday afternoon. What could be that impressive about the Houston Junior Forum Community House preschool?


The preschool opened its doors in 1952 and is funded by the Junior Forum. Monday morning, of 98 slots, there were only 35 open for the three- and four-year-olds. But this community in the east end knows that kids who attend there have a magical beginning for several reasons.


Eighty percent of the students who attend this preschool graduate from high school. A large number continue on to college.

Sounds worth it to me.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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