can Houston handle a gas price crisis?

Houston ranks in middle of the pack on gas price crisis preparedness
— reported by the Houston Business Journal

Houston ranks No. 25 among the country’s largest cities in a new study that calculates how the area would fare in the face of exorbitant gas prices.

The study, from, analyzed the country’s 50 largest cities and how well they would maintain economic vitality and quality of life if gas prices spiked.


Of all the factors considered in the ranking, mobility was weighted as the most important.

The top cities in’s ranking boast strong public transportation networks, which would allow citizens to commute to jobs and schools, as well as do their shopping, if car travel is not affordable. Farther down the list, however, rank cities whose commuters would be stranded, grinding the local economy to a halt. The ranking also takes into account factors such as access to locally grown fresh food and robust wireless networks for telecommuting.


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