A busy life

I have a busy life, do you? (palomacruz.com)

In the next month I have 7 health appointments. Yes, 7.

No, I’m not seriously ill. The truth is that only one of the appointments is mine. The other 6 are my mother’s. After years of resistance I finally convinced her to do all those exams and other things that she’s been putting off. There appointments include 4 doctors and 2 scheduled groups of exams.

I’m glad that she’s finally getting all of this done. It’s good news, really. Unless you’re her chauffeur. Because what this also means is that I have to take time away from my regular schedule (and I have a lot of meetings) to drive her there and wait with her and drive her back. And, of course, pick her up and drop her off.

I want her to be healthy. I just wish someone else could drive her.

Yes, I sound like a bad daughter … except I will take the time off to drive her. And I will make sure she follows up with the doctors. And I will make sure she takes her medication.

I don’t have children. But I do have an aging parent. I’m a caregiver, though not exactly a perfect one.

Meet the cast: David

David is my youngest sister Arianna’s baby (also Tomas’). He is 10. He is beautiful. Like his cousin Adam (my other nephew), he has dimples and a killer smile. He is brilliant in a Sheldon-from-Big-Bang kind of way. Yes, that is a little scary. He never reacts the way I expect. He hasn’t grown out of that, I don’t expect he ever will.

Meet the cast: Alicia

My niece Alicia has always reminded me of a cat. She doesn’t want to cuddled or hugged, but she does want to get her way. She’s been that way since she was a baby. She’s Linda’s oldest child, but I have often said that she should have been Arianna’s child instead of Linda’s – she’s too much like my youngest sister to discount the similarities. Oh, well… I’ve stopped hoping she’ll grow out of it. She’s in college and future doctor..

Meet the Cast: Adam

Adam is the most adorable teen in the world, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my nephew… actually, I am mostly saying that because he’s my nephew since he used to be a terror and did not listen anyone. He’s Linda’s child, the middle sister (I’m the oldest in the family). He’s 17 years old; he inherited my sister’s fair complexion and his father’s hazel eyes. The little monster even has the audacity to have dimples when he smiles, and he always smiles after he’s done something he’s not supposed to or when he’s up to something. But I love him lots. It helps that he’s outgrown he’s truly beastly stage.

Meet the cast: Arianna

My youngest sister. She is a princess. “High maintenance” doesn’t even begin to describe her. She is pretty, smart and very good in a social setting. She will always surprise me with random acts of kindness, then she balances them out with random acts of meanness. She’s married to Tomás, and has one child (David). To know her is to fear her. Did I mention that she’s an elementary school principal? We have a complicated relationship. But then, I have a complicated relationship with every member of my family. Arianna can be my biggest supporter, or my worst enemy. And, as a true sister, she knows exactly which buttons to press to get any reaction she wants. Of course, I know that same thing about her. It’s an good balance.