Recipes and food posts to bookmark: August 3rd list

Gente Today, an online magazine in Spanish, has a great post with recommended foods to help with your mood. Specifically, the article discusses foods high in seratonin to help combat depression. Recommended are dairy and eggs, the reduction of white flour products, increase in dried fruits, and avoiding alcohol. 

Vida y Salud, another Spanish resource, has a good post in their healthy breakfast recipes series. The one I liked was the for a brie omelette with herbs. Sounds yummy. 

The AARP site has an article on grilling vegetables that’s a good primer for those just trying this out. It gives instructions on types of vegetables, how to cut them and how to grill them. A good place to start.

Recipes to bookmark: July 3rd list

I love food. I like to cook and I like finding new recipes to bookmark. I don’t always get around to trying out the new recipes, but they usually inspire me later. Here are some I’ve found and want to share.

I’ve decided that from now on I’m going to share my recipe finds every few weeks. If you have some you’d like to add, just comment.

There are very few things better than a really good homemade burger. I found “A Green Chile and Avocado-Mayo Burger on Memorial Day” at the Muy Beno Cookbook site. Worth a look for the July 4th cookouts.

Breakfast is my favorite meal, and I enjoy it for lunch and dinner just as easily as I do for morning food. The “Hash Brown Crusted Quiche filled with Chorizo and Jalapeños” I found at the Two Good Eggs breakfast blog looks yummy enough to actually make.

Just in case you’re looking to make your own barbecue sauce for tomorrow’s cookout, Real Simple has their “Secretly Simple Barbecue Sauce” that actually sounds… well, simple.

The “Spicy Tomato and Orange Jam” offered by Real Simple seems easy to make and delicious. I can see using it on toast with cream cheese. 

For those that read Spanish, I found a great recipe for Tabbouleh. This is one of my favorite things to eat in mediterranean food. Houston-based Gente Today has a Tabbouleh recipe posted on their site. I haven’t tried it myself, but it looks easy enough. 

Because sometimes I just want a nice meatless dish, the Roasted Vegetable Tacos at Sweet Life blog got bookmarked. They look very yummy, and the ingredient list is very simple.

Good Food

I am very proud of myself for not only packing a lunch today, but also for packing a healthy lunch.

Today’s lunch was a chopped salad:

  • mixed greens
  • spinach
  • cilantro
  • feta
  • raisins
  • blueberries
  • raspberries
  • vinaigrette

I also packed a ham and cheese wrap on a whole wheat low-fat tortilla. 

I’ve been eating out a lot. And I do mean a lot — every day, at least twice a day. I’m tired of eating out. I’m tired of that heavy food I’ve been consuming. I’m tired of the strain on my budget and my waistline.

I think the increased heat is making it worse. Everything is too hot, too salty, too blah.

I went to the groceries and bought salad stuff. Enough to last the week at one salad a day. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes.

Today, however, I’m enjoying my blueberry-spinach salad. 

    the salads I love are bad for me

    "Salad" photo by NatalieMaynor, on Flickr

    I am a salad snob.

    Don’t feed me iceberg lettuce. Ditto for warm, wilted or brown lettuce. And please don’t serve me lettuce that still has ice on it.
    I prefer spring mix, baby spinach, green leaf, or even kale (on occasion). It should be cool, crisp and just a little crunchy, and, most of all, have some flavor. I used to have a salad cookbook that described what flavors os salad toppings went best with what kinds of lettuce. I lost it in one of my many moves. However, I do blame this book for opening my eyes on the variety of tastes avaiable.

    Mexican restaurants are judged on the quality of the rice and beans. If the entree is good but the rice and beans are dry, overcooked or flavorless… well, I’m less likely to return.
    Mainstream restaurants are judged on the house salad they serve before the entree. And usually my thought is “really? I’m paying $30 for a meal and you’re serving me iceberge lettuce with carrot shavings?” If a restaurant has a bad opening salad, I’m less likely to return. The entree would have to make up for it. And I mean really make up for it.

    I like salads with jicama chunks, feta cheese, sprouts, avocado, berries (of all kinds), nuts, dried fruits, broccoli, cauliflower, eggs, meats, tomatoes, artichokes, pasta, and breads (crispy noodles, crispy tortilla strips, cracker crumbles, or croutons). No, I don’t literally mean all of these in the same salad — though I’ve come close a time or two. I’m just giving an idea of the things I add in.

    And don’t get me started on the dressings!


    The reality is that my salads are not healthy. As I go through my nutrition class week after week, I know that I am going to have to make adjustments in my snobbish ways. Is nothing sacred?